Love Lola Makeup - July 2017

Yet another month of this precious Summer period has flown past, which means that I have the pleasure of bringing you the hottest launches from Lola MakeupHonestly, you guys are going to absolutely LOVE these new products so, without any further hesitation, let's get straight into this July's edition of my 'Love Lola Makeup' series!

£220 Worth Of Makeup For Only £102! WTF?

As you guys know, I love makeup. But, what's better than makeup, you may ask? Well the answer to that one is simple: DISCOUNTED MAKEUP!

How To Take Your Eye Makeup To The Next Level...

Yes, I know you guys were probably expecting a tutorial based on today's title, however, instead, I think it's about time to introduce you to the brand that has completely changed my eye makeup game for the better.

Summer Polish Picks

There's pretty much only one beauty related topic that I've never discussed here, and that's nail polish! Hence why, today, I'm going to give you a fairly short one on my Summer polish picks!