I Tried Ivy Bears Hair Vitamins For A Month - Do They Work?!

Hey guys and welcome BACK to yet another blog post on another wonderful Wednesday - I hope the week, so far, hasn't been too intolerable for any of you! However, even if it has, I'd appreciate it if you sat back, relaxed and took your mind off of current affairs for a short few minutes and gave me your time instead (just know that it's always such a privilege for me to have you here) because, today, after rather a while, we're making a much needed (and also much requested) return to hair. 

HOT: Quartz Beauty's ENTIRE Boss Gloss Collection

Welcome, my gorgeous people, to another blog post and, as you can see (that is, if you haven't already been blinded by the level of sparkle within the cover photo - my bad), we're back to beauty with this 5 piece Boss Gloss collection by the wonderful Quartz Beauty.

How I BEAT My Muscle Cramps ft. Synergia

Hey guys! Today's post, although late (sorry for the lack of posts, I've been up to my eyeballs in work), is rather important to me, as we're entering into the health and fitness domain, with which I've been making a considerable effort to dedicate myself to a lot more since the month of September.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond with Cookies Makeup

Hey there little stars! As you can see by the title (sorry Sia and Rihanna, I was out of ideas...), today we're going to be exploring some products that will indeed have you twinkling enough to be mistaken for escapees from the greater galaxy: the "Metals Matte" metallic lip glosses by Cookie's Makeup. 

HOT: Labelle Makeup's Colour Splurge Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys, today I'm back, and fairly punctually, with a brand, spanking new review of a special something that popped into my post box not so long ago, accompanied by a variety of confectionary and sweet treats in keeping with the theme (which were promptly devoured by myself and my entourage within the hours that followed). And that theme is colour.

Sultry Summer Eyes with Exposed Cosmetics

Hey lovelies! I know, I keep apologising for the tardiness on each of my posts and it's got to stop - my posting schedule is a nightmare! However, I have now returned from my holiday abroad (which was wonderful by the way), which means I'm coming right back at you with some more of your favourite content, starting with a little goodie that slid through into my post box whilst I was away.

Channeling My Inner Unicorny Mermaid...

Okay, no, I haven't gone and lost my mind and, yes, you did just read that title perfectly - today we're letting the imagination take the wheel as we buckle up and delve into a world of crazy cosmetics that you've probably never thought to explore before...

High-end Haul: theBalm Cosmetics

Hey there beauties! So, another week has passed (and passed very quickly might I add) which means another beauty segment here on Marina Writes Life and, trust me, today's post is one I've been meaning to publish for a while now but, hey ho, finally the time has come!

A REAL At-Home Spa Experience with Bel Mondo Beauty + GIVEAWAY!

Firstly, I'd just like to say WOW - it's been way too long for my liking, as exam period this year really has had my undivided attention. However after obtaining some pretty ace results and having a little time off for myself in order to catch my breath again after such a consistently busy revision schedule, I'm back and better than ever baby, with a brand new review of some gifted products and, better yet, ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! So, without further ado, let's get into thing - I've honestly been raring to tell you all about Bel Mondo Beauty, the creators of my new favourite sheet masks. 

Let's Talk Teeth with Janina Ultra White

Hey guys! Today, we're going to chat about something that I (as far as I'm aware of) haven't mentioned yet here on my blog and that is TEETH. Personally, for many years now, I've been devoted to oral health and teeth whitening because, for one, it's incredibly important to keep the mouth clean for hygienic purposes and, for two, dazzling white gnashers look damn good on anybody and everybody. However, despite being an unabashed fan of looking after my teeth,  I hadn't yet taken the time out to go through my entire dental care routine and what I've been using for the past while; after an offer I simply couldn't resist, I decided it was about time to obliterate that silence today and talk to you about two products from Janina Ultra White that I was challenged to use for the last month.

Introducing: Freshly Cosmetics...

Hey beauties! So, firstly, I know I should have posted some time last week but, hey ho, you know how the exam period goes and these last couple of weeks have been absolutely HECTIC. Nevertheless, I'm right here with you now and am going to be giving you guys a little 'something-something' to enjoy this Saturday and, this time, it's going to be all about Freshly Cosmetics, the much sought-after natural, toxin-free beauty brand from Spain.

The Perfect Pair - Heimish's Bulgarian Rose Water Mist Serum & Hydrogel Eyepatches

Now, as you may be able to recall, I have indeed done one of these posts before about a fresh herb toner and serum, however, I never thought to firstly answer the following, burning question: what actually is the definition of a perfect pair? What makes using two specific products together such an utter triumph?

Crushing on K-Beauty: TSW Matt Fit Lipstick Review & Swatches

Hey guys and welcome to this week's BRAND SPANKING NEW post which is, again, going to be all about lipstick. Yes, I know, I'm kind of establishing a pattern, but I've just been so obsessed with trying out new colours and formulas lately, so why not continue on and briefly walk you through some of the latest arrivals to my makeup collection, which are three of the TSW Matt Fit Lipsticks.

Lust for Lippies: The Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip Collection

Yes, my Barbie dolls (and Ken dolls, obviously), welcome BACK to yet another one! I'm honestly so happy to be uploading in a more consistent manner again and today's post and feature products have my body shook to the core, as we're going to dip into to some serious lipstick porn. However, there'll be no need for parental advisory with this kind of porn, just a mug of tea/coffee and a major passion for liquid lipsticks - let's dive straight in!

Strobing Through Summer with Technic Cosmetics

As the weather is begins to get hotter (well, in most countries...) and the sun finally comes out to play, I, myself, think that a change of makeup routine is 100% appropriate - I simply cannot continue sticking to the same ritual that I follow during Winter and early Spring. 

Best of K-Beauty: Style Korean Haul (Volume 2)

Hey there beauties! I have something special for you today, which happens to be the much awaited and very late (so sorry) second volume of my Style Korean haul posts as a part of my 'Best of K-Beauty' series. 

EXCLUSIVE REVIEW ALERT: Labelle Makeup's "So Cheek" Highlighter and Blush Palette

Hi there babes, I know it's been a while so I'd firstly like to apologise for my leave of absence (exam period has been absolutely CRAZY) - I honestly can't forgive myself for depriving you guys of your weekly makeup and skincare fix for so long! However, you'll be happy to hear that I'm back now and I won't be going ANYWHERE, so sit down and get comfy because we're coming back with a bang. And, by that, I mean some new, unreleased makeup (that's right - you'll see it here first!) from one of my favourite brands, as you may well know by now if you've read my haul and recent palette unboxing post from them, Labelle Makeup.

Hair Jazz - The Solution To My Hair Growth Problems?

I know that those of you who read my blog on a regular basis (thank you very much by the way!) are probably marvelling at the title, as a hair related post is a very rare occurrence here - almost as rare as a post from me that fails to contain at least two examples of heavy alliteration. However, all self-deprecating jokes aside, I'm so glad to finally be getting this post up for you guys, mainly because, for the first time, we're going to touch on one of my insecurities: my short hair that, despite much effort, constantly refuses to grow.

Looking So Lush with Labelle Makeup!

Happy new year everyone! Okay, so, I don't know why, but I'm getting the impression that it's been a HOT minute since I've done a full focus on makeup/a particular cosmetic product. Maybe it has, maybe it hasn't - regardless of that, today I'm going to be sharing with you my ultimate palette pick for the New Year (I've been using it religiously over the last while!) which happens to be the 'So Lush' eyeshadow palette by Labelle Makeup