Anastasia Beverly Hills DUPE?! - Aesthetica Contour Kit Review + Swatches!

Now, I love a good contour as much as the next person but, lately, I've found that the prices for contour kits have risen dramatically. I absolutely love my Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Contour Series (what a mouthful!); the shades are all so pigmented and blend out beautifully. However, I don't have $40 to waste just like that, so, when it came to a point in which I needed a new contour kit, I didn't repurchase and, instead, went with a cheaper option.

The Top Five BEST Beauty Gurus on YouTube

Hey guys, so today's post is a little different from what I normally do; I'm going to be sharing my top 5 favourite beauty gurus on Youtube.

The Importance of Facial Serums

Today, I've decided to bring you a skincare post (I'm beginning to really enjoy writing them!) about what has become, for me, a hugely important element of my facial care routine: serums.

Zoeva's "Caramel Melange" Palette Review + Swatches!

Everyone within the beauty community absolutely raves about Zoeva brushes and their quality. (I, unfortunately, haven't had the pleasure of trying them out yet) However, they have come out with a few bits of makeup themselves and, of course, I had to get on it like a car bonnet.

My 7 Travel Makeup Essentials! (Collab)

Hey guys! So, today, I'm bringing you this post on my 7 travel makeup essentials, which is also in collaboration with my lovely fellow blogger Mariyam. Don't hesitate to check out her blog (click here!) as she's such a genuine, kind hearted person with a beautiful content feed.

Kore Beauty's NEW Anti-Ageing HYDROGEL Facial Mask!

So it's been a hot minute since I've done anything skincare related here on this blog and, boy, have I got a new product for you!

Rice DOESN'T have to be boring?! - Persian Rice With Crispy Potatoes

It's come to my attention that the vast majority of rice recipes and ways to eat rice are incredibly dull and boring. I mean, there's nothing inspiring about a pot of boiled white rice, is there?