Jasmyne: My Winter Skincare Savior

Due to the dramatic title, I bet you guys are expecting something amazing from today's post, which is exactly what I'm going to give you because, ladies and gentlemen, I've found my new obsession. Now, I'm aware that I make the previous statement approximately 4 times each week about different products, however, this time, I'm declaring it with the utmost seriousness.

BodyBlendz Vanilla Blush Coffee Scrub

As you can see from the title, today we're going to be doing a focussed review on my newest obsession and, when I say obsession, I really mean it: this has been in my shower and next to my sink every day of the week without fail. That product is indeed the BodyBlendz Vanilla Blush Coffee Scrub, which I'm going to, of course, tell you guys all about in a moment.

B:UNDENIABLE - An Exclusive First Look...

Being a woman (or should I say 'girl') of colour, I do sometimes struggle with certain cosmetics brands not providing enough variety in terms of shade range to match and suit darker skintones. And, quite frankly, it pisses me off bothers me a great deal, as EVERYONE, regardless of how light or dark an individual happens to be, has the right to feel beautiful. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why the brand new range B:UNDENIABLE by Brysocréma stole my heart the minute I read the description.