3 Holiday Destinations That Are Cheaper Than You Think!

Source: Pexels
Have you ever been perusing holiday destinations on the internet, only to find a place you’d love to go that you think you can’t afford? Don't worry, we've all been there. However, I'm here to tell you that, with the right knowledge, you can live it up in the most luxurious of destinations on a budget if you put your mind to it and plan simply. So, which destinations have previously been deemed "unattainable" price wise by the public? And how on EARTH does one manage to go to those places on the cheap?

Up For Review: BeGlow PURA Skinsense Sonic Cleansing Brush

Happy Sunday guys! I hope everyone has had an absolutely wonderful week, even those of you who are still in lockdown - stay strong because, trust me, your actions are saving thousands of lives. I, myself, have been out of lockdown since Monday and, I must admit, it does feel rather good to be able to leave the house without having to write an entire certificate of authorisation (I know, French regulations were TOUGH). In addition, it's also meant that I've been able to return to my University accommodation and have a somewhat emotional reunion with a few of the ride or die skincare bits I was forced to leave behind during my frantic, pre-quarantine packing spree. One of those products, as you may be able to tell, happens to be the PURA Skinsense Sonic Cleansing Brush from BeGlow.

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Hello my lovelies! Now, I know I've already posted this week (I will definitely do my best to maintain this little streak I've got going for you guys) however, this is just a short one to let you know about something I've been lucky enough to have the privilege of contributing to recently - ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!

The World's Best Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

Whilst I understand that today's title includes an incredibly bold claim, I completely stand by it and refuse to retract my statement - my brownies are the bomb dot com. Aside from the odd mug cake here and there, I haven't indulged in an awful lot of baking during this quarantine period and, upon waking up this morning, the voices inside my head (I'll blame them for the future weight gain) were practically begging for some gooey, fudgy, irresistible chocolatey goodness. So, logically, I made the decision to whip out my apron and oven gloves (figuratively - I don't suit aprons) and bring you guys a recipe you'll never forget.