NEW FROM JUST ESSENTIALS - Exposed Cosmetics + Amazing Shine Lashes!

Now, at this point, I've been asked numerous times about where exactly it is that I source my more affordable cosmetics and haircare products. Well, the truth is, Just Essentials is the site that I resort to nine times out of ten.

Technic Cosmetics - The Sequel

Yes, I LOVE a good sequel! As you guys know, I've been really enjoying using affordable products lately, especially those belonging to the wonderful brand Technic CosmeticsSo today, much like my first Technic Cosmetics Brand Focus post, I'm coming at you with the ultimate lowdown on these new makeup goodies that won't break the bank. 

Best of K-Beauty: Style Korean Haul (Volume 1)

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last while, you'll all know about the obsession for Korean beauty products that's taken the world by STORM. And I, myself, happen to be a part of that huge fan base - I am 100% for K-Beauty and in love with the new products I've been discovering. However, the question of where to source these babies is always an interesting one... Well, not until I came across the amazing Style Korean.

T-Zone Skincare's ENTIRE Charcoal & Bamboo Range - TESTED!

I know what you're thinking: FINALLY, A SKINCARE POST! Well, you're absolutely right because with heaps of new makeup comes a need for some real skin TLC, and what better products to try out than T-Zone's brand new charcoal and bamboo skincare range!

July Beauty Favourites

Yes, it's time for you guys' favourite segment of all: my monthly beauty favourites! (woop woop!) I've been testing and trying out a lot of new goodies this month and I'm absolutely buzzing (a little bit Geordie there) to share my picks with you!

Introducing: The Elli Beauty Range...

Little to everyone's surprise, I, like most others in the beauty community, have a real soft spot for 100% organic and natural products, hence why I'm absolutely delighted to introduce you guys to Elli