My Oh-So Decadent Chocolate Orange Gateau Recipe!

WARNING: you are at risk of gaining 10 lbs just from reading this post, because this is just something else. This oh-so decadent and delicious cake is primarily based on everyone's favourite guilty pleasure (chocolate) but generously laced with orange, giving it the perfect, tangy and acidic kick that leaves us wanting more and more. (We all know that one slice turns into two slices and after that, it's all a blur...)

Want to get your glow on? Here's how!

Over the past few years, we've all seen so many makeup trends enter and leave the game, but one that's never going to budge is highlighting and strobing; we just can't live without that glow. But do you want to know what products can help you blind like a goddess? Just keep on reading!

Why Mac Prep and Prime Fix + is a MUST HAVE makeup product!

Mac's speciality, Prep and Prime Fix + spray, is surely a staple in every makeup lovers collection. But why? For today's post, you're going to discover the many roles this little stand out product can fulfil within your beauty routine and a how I like to make use of mine.

The Bakery Bible: 3 MUST HAVE recipes for this February!

As this isn't just a beauty blog, sometimes I have to stop myself and let the makeup take a back seat (sorry makeup) in order to talk to you about what I've been loving within other parts of my life. 

Is it TOO good to be true??! - Morphe Brand Review + swatches!

Morphe, Morphe, Morphe... Where do I start? To me, it seemed like a revelation: top quality makeup and brushes (comparable to those of high-end brands) for incredibly reasonable prices. I mean, what the HELL could go wrong? And, of course, with the aid of huge beauty influencers of the Youtube platform, such as NikkieTutorials, PatrickStarrr and Jaclyn Hill (plus a few others), this brand has completely taken over and blown up.