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Up For Review: 6 Colors Matte Lip Gloss Set by Luckyfine

Now, for this post, let us talk lips, a topic that you guys all know I have a passion for, a passion that could be otherwise described as an 'obsession' or a 'hoarding problem' but we won't even go there. To cut a long story short, I'm always experimenting with new lip products (recreationally and as a part of my blogging life) from all price ranges and, today, I've decided to present to you the lip products I've been testing out of late: the "6 Colors Matte Lip Gloss Set*" from the brand Luckyfine.

Recent Oral Care Favourites

Happy Tuesday everybody, I hope you're having a wonderful week so far! Now, as you guys know, I've never been secretive about the fact that I care a lot about oral health and, as a result, I do receive a fair few questions, especially via Instagram direct (heyyy!), regarding which products I go for on that front. However, as it does chop and change quite a bit, I thought it appropriate to provide you with a little bit of a guide containing my current favourite oral care products to keep that mouth feeling fresh and fantastic

Different Hairstyles You Can Do With Clip In Hair Extensions

Hey guys! Now, today we're going to be switching things up a bit and reaching out to all of the short haired girls (and guys, of course) rocking clip in hair extensions on a regular basis - this one's for you.

New In From Caseapp + GIVEAWAY!

Hello my lovelies! It's so good to be writing another post for you on this fine Friday morning, especially as it does happen to be about one of my favourite brands to work with: Caseapp.

My 3 Valentine's Day Lipstick Picks - MAC, Sephora & Zoeva

Hey there my lovelies! Firstly, I'd just like to sincerely thank you for sticking around despite my rather lengthy leave of absence and tell you have grateful I am to have your support, especially when life isn't quite going my way. Maintaining this blog makes me incredibly happy so, although I knew stepping away for a while to figure things out within my personal life was what I needed, doing so was incredibly painful and, quite frankly, I can't bear to sit around any longer. And, in addition to that, what on earth are you guys going to do without this year's speedy Valentine's Day lipstick picks? Duty calls, duty calls...

I Tried Ivy Bears Hair Vitamins For A Month - Do They Work?!

Hey guys and welcome BACK to yet another blog post on another wonderful Wednesday - I hope the week, so far, hasn't been too intolerable for any of you! However, even if it has, I'd appreciate it if you sat back, relaxed and took your mind off of current affairs for a short few minutes and gave me your time instead (just know that it's always such a privilege for me to have you here) because, today, after rather a while, we're making a much needed (and also much requested) return to hair.