How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Road Trip

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Staying safe on the road is one of the most important things you will need to consider when taking a road trip. While there are many things that you can do to stay safe on the road, such as wearing seatbelts and driving with caution, you should always make sure that the vehicle you are driving is safe to drive. This is especially important if you are driving with children. 

Before you pack your bags and load them into the vehicle, you should conduct a series of tests. It can be difficult to know what to do, if you are not a professional or experienced mechanic, or possess the relevant skills to see what is going on with a vehicle. 

Whether you drive a bunk van or have a trailer attached to your vehicle, you should conduct a series of thorough checks. If you don't feel confident in doing so, you should schedule a visit to a reputable garage that you can trust, a few weeks in advance of your trip. This will give you time to get it checked over and deal with any issues that may arise. 

Unfortunately, if you have a vehicle that you only use for travelling, then it likely sits on the driveway for long periods. You never know what kind of issues may have occurred that you cannot see from the outside. 

 If you feel confident checking your own vehicles, then here are some of the most important things you should begin with. This list is not exhaustive, but it will give you a good place to get started with.

#1 Check your tyres

Your tyres are important, as they will take the load of the vehicle and provide you with a grip to drive safely on the road. They also help channel water away and provide your vehicle with traction. If the tyre tread is worn down, you may risk losing control over your vehicle and being pulled over by the authorities as it is illegal. Check the depth of your tyres and replace them if necessary. 

#2 Check the car fluids 

Every vehicle is equipped with a variety of fluids that all play an important role. You should make sure there is enough of each, and if there is not, get them topped up straight away. These may include your coolant, oil and windscreen wash. 

#3 Check your lights 

Your lights and signals are important to keeping yourself and other road users safe, as they tell people you are on the road, and where you are going. Lights that do not work can cause serious accidents. Check every light is working. 

#4 Check your battery and surrounding cables 

The last thing you want on a road trip is a dead battery. You don't want to be stranded on the side of the road with your family in the vehicle. Make sure you check the battery level and ensure there are no damaged cables around. 

If you are heading out on a road trip, make sure you conduct safety checks on your vehicle in advance.

Source: Pexels
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Thank you very much for reading today's post! I love a road trip as much as the next person, and preparation plays a key role in ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

Do you enjoy going on road trips? If so, how do you prepare your vehicle for the long ride ahead?

I'm looking forward to reading all of your tips, questions, opinions and/or feedback - it's always a pleasure. 

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