'Marina Writes Life' is an award-winning, quirky lifestyle blog centred around all aspects of beauty, health, fitness, food, travel and reviews. So, essentially, it's my personal little nook that caters for each and every one of my passions.

Originally, in 2016-2017 (I say that because a majority of my 2016 posts have since been deleted due to cringe overload), despite the name, I began this blog with a view of producing content exclusively related to beauty and beauty alone. I am, still to this day, a fervent lover of makeup and cosmetics; they allow for freedom of expression in such a unique manner, hence why I support this particular cause so very strongly. 

However, I've since grown up to realise that in order to be classified as a "good" and/or "successful" blogger, I don't need to completely throw all of my other interests out the window and focus on a specific niche. I just need to to do me. And, at this stage of my life, I'm still exploring; I'm into a lot of different things.

Therefore, here on 'Marina Writes Life', you can expect me to take you on a journey from post to post, delving into a variety of different topics and aspects of life, providing you with the best tips, reviews, favourites, guides and hacks on the Internet. My desire is to help you WIN at life in every way possible; everyone is welcome to be part of the community here, inspiring and motivating one and other.

So, if you are interested in reading my many ramblings on a weekly basis, don't hesitate to follow/subscribe by email to be notified each time I produce new content. Your continued support is making one British teenager incredibly happy.


P.S: Getting to know EVEN MORE about me is a possibility for those who happen to find themselves curious enough; feel free to check out two of the marvellous interviews I'm grateful to have taken part in - these ones, I feel, will provide you with the most in depth answers to questions regarding myself as a blogger and as an individual:

Interview with Marina Rosie by Swarnali Das
Blogger Showcase: Marina Rosie from Marina Writes Life

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