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Guest posts:
If you're a fellow blogger and would like to feature an original post of yours on my blog, feel free to email me directly. Be sure to include: your name, your blog's URL, the predominant niche your blog caters for and a little bit about the post you would like to write/have already written for my blog. Guest posts are great for increasing traffic and exposure, so requests are always welcome!

Collaboration posts:
Requesting my involvement in a collaborative/joint article is definitely possible and something I've done previously with some of my wonderful friends within the blogosphere - simply email me with a few details regarding yourself, your blog and your ideas for a post you'd like to work with me on.

Use of my images/content:
I have no objection to people/brands formally asking to use my original images/words for whatever reason that may be - an email with the subject line 'Use of your work' (or something similar) would be much appreciated, reviewed and replied to within 24 hours. 

No matter what the request/statement happens to be and who it's originated from (whether that be a brand, blogger or reader), my inbox is always open to any questions, queries or feedback you may have.

Even if it's just to talk or receive a more direct response from myself about something specific, your email is of high importance to me and will never be ignored. 

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