Urban Decay Naked Palette 2 Review

Now, personally, I'm all about beauty on a budget since, as I've mentioned before, I don't have a job or earn money, consequently, I don't have the dosh to splash out and lavish myself with expensive, upmarket products.

However, lucky enough for me, I have an absolutely amazing older sister who treated me to a fantastic little gem that had been on my wishlist pretty much forever: The Urban Decay 'Naked2' Palette.

My christmas was made the minute I set eyes on this beauty, but I decided not to judge it entirely until I had used it for a suitable period of time to be able to give a detailed description of my thoughts and views on this palette.

Firstly, I have to mention that I am completely obsessed the packaging; it is a gorgeous creamy gold colour with a slight baby pink hue. It has an immensely professional and sleek appearance to it and will definitely look the part amongst the other elements of your makeup collection.

Anyways, moving on to the most important aspect of this review: the actual product! Personally, I am suitably satisfied with the range of colours included within this eyeshadow set: there are 12 colours to choose from, all of them being fairly neutral tones that you can wear any day of the week without looking like you tried too hard to glam yourself up. Also included within the palette is a beautiful 2-sided brush that is perfect for all eyeshadow usages: on one side, it has a small compact brush for patting on product onto your eyelids and the other side is a fairly larger and fluffy brush, which is fantastic for blending.

The descriptions of each colour from my perspective are as follows, in order of their positions from left to right on the palette:

Foxy: A matte and light beige colour which can serve a variety of different purposes for your makeup

Half baked: A glittering rusty copper shade

Bootycall: A light and matte pastel peachy shade

Chopper: A metallic rose gold colour
Tease: A dusty, light-hued matte lilac

Snakebite: An extremely intense and pigmented dark gold shade

Suspect: A very shimmery, luminous light pink

Pistol: A shiny stone grey with hints and undertones of purple and blue

Verve: A very similar colour to 'Chopper' except with a little more of a pinky shimmer

YDK: Again, very similar to 'Chopper' when applied, but edges more on the gold side

Busted: A glittering purple shimmer

Blackout: A matte charcoal black which is perfect for applying a smokey touch to any look

The most useful colours that I think you guys would definitely dig and get the most use out of would be, first of all 'Foxy'. This is due to its ability to be multifunctional: personally, I like to use it for an eyeshadow base tone, to even out my lid colour before applying additional shades, to highlight under my brow bone and even for application under the eye to make myself appear less like a corpse and more like a human being. Secondly, I am a huge fan of the colour 'Chopper', simply because it is such a gorgeous colour, suits a variety of skin tones and can be worn, successfully, on its own, without any other colours, and still look stunning. Thirdly and finally, I am definitely loving the colour 'Bootycall' simply because, like 'Foxy', it's so versatile: It can be worn pretty much on its own but is a fantastic transition shade when applying those darker tones. It can also be used as a base for your eyeshadow too.

Overall, I would highly recommend this palette, as it offers a wide range of colours to suit any occasion, is incredibly durable and long wearing (so it ain't going nowhere during the day) and you, surprisingly, get a very decent amount of product for your money (the actual layer of product in each case does not have the thickness of paper, unlike those of most scheming makeup brands). Yeah, I see you. "A little goes a long way" is definitely an applicable expression when describing this eyeshadow, and that will, in time, help to extend the life of your product even further, which is always good. Unfortunately, there is one extreme negative that must be said about this palette: the fallout is very maximal. As a result, I would recommend, when using this palette, doing your eye makeup first before applying any kind of foundations or concealers; If you try to apply your eyeshadow after doing your face makeup, you may find yourself having to completely redo your under eye and cheek areas after usage.

So, for the price of approximately $53/£37/48 (prices will vary from website to website so, in order to get the best deal you can, I recommend scanning a few websites and comparing prices first before buying) you will get so much use and enjoyment out this product and it will definitely satisfy your needs in terms of colour, everyday wearability, durability and quality. So if you have a little spare cash lying around and decide to treat yourself to something a bit more pricy than usual or if buying high-end products is just the norm for you, I certainly wouldn't discourage you from investing in this 'Naked2' by Urban Decay. Alternatively, if you still do find the price to be a bit high, then why not try out the 'Naked2 Basics' by Urban Decay, which is basically a palette that includes 6 colours that really just represents the best of the 'Naked2' Palette but for about half the price.

'Naked2 Basics' - Urban Decay

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Until next time,
Marina Rosie x


  1. My ultimate goals in life: 1) own every naked palette 2) have long hair 3) grow long nails!😜

    1. Mine are pretty much exactly the same, we must be twins! x

  2. I think every make up artist or just anyone who likes make up should have atleast one urban decay palette. It never disappoints!

    1. I totally agree! Some of them can be slightly hit or miss but, as a general rule, they're amazing! x
      Lots of love,
      Marina Rosie x


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