5 uses for Coconut Oil in YOUR daily beauty routine!

Hello my lovelies! Today's post is one that I've been itching to do for a long while now and that is to share with you my absolute favourite, holy grail product that I literally can not live with out and I feel that you guys really need to hear about. And that product is coconut oil.
I, only recently (about a month or two ago), decided to add this product to my collection after hearing about some of the amazing benefits that it can provide you with.

Coconut oil is a 100% natural product that normally comes in a solid, whitish coloured lump (it closely resembles wax, in a way) but with the magical warmth of your palms, it melts with ease for a smooth application to anything you want to use it for. And that's what we're going to get onto now! "What can you use coconut oil for?", you may ask.

Well, within this post, I am going to clearly outline my 5 main uses for this miracle product and hopefully, if you guys decide to invest in a tub for yourselves (they are not very expensive and can be easily purchased online or in Health Food shops) then you will know what you can use it for and get as much use out of it as I do!

You guys will absolutely love what coconut oil does for you, I promise. So, without any further ado, here are my top 5 uses for coconut oil in YOUR daily beauty routine!

1. Dry skin

This tip is more for you gorgeous girl (and guys, if you like) who suffer from dry skin or possibly even peeling skin but can be used by anyone who likes to wakeup to hydrated, nourished and smooth skin in the morning. (That's pretty much the whole world.) 

I, myself, struggle from dry skin at the same time as oily skin (I have two particularly dry areas on my face and the remainder is perpetually oily. Depressing, isn't it. Especially when every single skincare product's label says either "For dry skin" or "For oily skin". Smh. ) so this step can also be targeted at specific areas instead of the entire face. 

If you want to give your dry skin a complete moisture surge, then I suggest performing your nightly skincare ritual and following that by taking a little bit of coconut oil, softening it between your hands and then applying it all over your face/ affected dry area. There is absolutely no need to rub it in or tamper with it in any way; simple leave it to rest on the the surface of your skin and gradually, it will begin to be absorbed into the pores. And, for those of you who are protective parents over that one really cute pillow (we all have that one), don't worry, you will be pleasantly surprised that this will not cause any problems with oil staining. By the morning, your skin will have completely drank up this enriching oil and will be soft and supple instead of having that dehydrated and scaly look to it. (This is not a joke, I've woken up looking like a lizard before and don't EVER wish to have a repeat of that situation.)

This has been an actual saviour for me and has completely changed the look and feel of my skin and will do the same for yours. This is also applicable to the body, so just apply it all over yourself, like you would a moisturiser/body butter, and wait to feel your new baby soft skin!

2. Cuticles
This is a quick tip for those of you who are familiar with cuticle/nail care or for those of you who wish to begin one but without the extra expensive and complication of having to buy special cuticle oil/cream. 

If you want younger looking hands with string nails and cuticles (and I've seen some very manky cuticles in my time, so I suggest following this) then take a small amount of your coconut oil and smother it generously over the cuticles of each finger and rub it in thoroughly, giving your cuticles a bit of a massage at the the same time. If you do this once or twice a week, you will NEVER have the problem of dry, crusty or cracked cuticles ever again.

3. Hair
Ok, this next trick with coconut oil is probably THE BEST discovery ever made in the history of the world. Ok, may have been slightly exaggerating there, but that's how strongly I feel about the effects of using coconut oil for your hair.

Now, I have owned a HELL of a lot of hair masks, some expensive and some cheap, some completely natural and some riddling with various chemicals, but they were all incredibly effective and have worked absolute wonders for my damaged hair. (I do a lot of straightening, guys)

However, nothing I've ever tried has been as fantastic as coconut oil. It is the perfect hair mask for soft, shiny and strong hair and if, like me, you hair is broken or damaged in any way, shape or form, it will definitely help towards repairing it.

All you need to do is take a scoop of coconut oil and melt it in your hands or in a bowl in the microwave. Next, apply to damp hair, smothering it generously all over your hair, including the roots (it can help to stimulate hair growth so if you want to grow your hair to a nice length then this step is essential) and leave it to 'marinate' and work its magic for pretty much as long as you like. Using coconut oil as a hair mask mean that there is no time limit on how long you can leave the mask in your hair; there are no harsh chemical whatsoever, so feel free to do your dishes, ironing or any other household tasks whilst the mask is setting in!

Finally, after however long you have left it in for (I normally leave it in for 2-3 hours for it to have have its maximum effect) wash the oil out of your hair under a hot shower, and there you have it! The most silky, soft, and smooth strands ever! (Alliteration goals, right there.)

4. Eyelashes
Now, as we all know, having long eyelashes is a feature that everyone longs for and if someone has that feature, they're practically godlike.

However, every single day, when I am on the internet, looking up homemade beauty remedies, all that come up for eyelashes is Vaseline, Vaseline and MORE BLOODY VASELINE. I'm fed up of the stuff!

So, desperate to find an alternative that actually works, I decided to try spreading a little bit of my coconut oil on my upper and lower lashes and lash lines and, after doing that for a few weeks now, I can conclude that it works ten times more effectively than Vaseline!

My eyelashes have grown by a substantial amount so, if you want to look like your wearing falsies 24/7, don't hesitate to give this one a try!

5. Makeup remover
In my opinion, this usage for coconut oil is probably the one that is the most unknown and surprising; I wonder how many of you knew that you could even use your coconut oil to remove that stubborn makeup of the day?

This is a very similar to using a beauty balm to take off your makeup, however, it is a fraction of the cost and, again, is not damaging to your skin because it is all natural. I definitely recommend this tip; simply take a decent amount of coconut oil onto your hand, rub it directly onto the face and watch ANY makeup you were wearing that way instantly melt off! Genius!

That concludes today's blog post, thank you very much for reading! I really hope you loved hearing about this product and I also hope that you aspire to add it to your collection one day!

Feel free to comment on this post or any others that you've enjoyed!

Do you use coconut oil in your beauty routine? If not, have any of the uses and benefits mentioned above encouraged you to go out and buy your first tub?

Love you guys, don't hesitate to connect with me on any social media platform (they are all in the top right corner of the screen!) and let me know anything that you would like to see on my blog in the future!

Until next time,
Marina Rosie x


  1. I enjoyed reading your advice not just for content but for your witty, well written, open and honest approach. I myself prefer to use plant based products and the fact that you use 100% coconut oil holds my interest. For my (adult skin), I found it has been more suitable as an overall body moisturiser and massage oil than olive oil during the winter. My skin gets dryer in winter and tends to itch until I change over to coconut oil. Come the summer, I switch back to olive oil, which is lighter and keeps my body cooler...and also for economic reasons. Have you any info on reasonably priced sources of coconut oil?

    1. Hiya, thanks for reading and for your lovely comment, it really made my week! I'm really glad you're using your coconut oil and reaping the benefits for it as well as olive oil! Your skin must be great! And yes, here is the link to where I got mine from Amazon!

      It is 100% pure coconut oil and comes in a pack of two huge 500ml jars for only £2.50 (it costs a little over 3 Dollars and Euros if you pay with either of those instead) but it's really a fantastic deal considering how much product you're getting! I hope this helped, thanks again for reading,
      Marina Rosie x

  2. Coconut oil really is amazing, I have used it on my hair and to remove my make up and it worked out perfectly for both! x

    1. It's a holy grail product Ana! Wow, you really have gone back quite far! xx
      Lots of love,
      Marina Rosie x

  3. I love coconut oil so much. In fact, I've taken to buying it in bulk at Costco. Besides everything you mentioned, I also use it on the bottom of my feet. Especially during the summer months when I'm barefoot or in flip flops x

    1. Yes Alison! That's a fabulous idea - I do get quite dry feet so that would for sure work! Thanks for the idea and for reading today! x
      Lots of love,
      Marina Rosie xx

  4. Well, I only know that coconut oil can benefit our body especially the hair, but I never knew that it could be a make up remover as well. This is really intrigued me because it's a healthier version of the make-up removers that are being sold at stores and even at groceries. Now, I'm wondering how it is different from virgin coconut oil. Nevertheless, I like how informative this post is!

  5. Coconut oil is very useful! I think there's also one that can be used for cooking.

  6. I use coconut oil for my body during winter. It makes my skin warm and it's very relaxing. Plus, it's good for skin!


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