SOLD OUT: Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection Review

Hey, what's up you guys, YES! Didn't recognise that one? Sorry, let me rewind and try again. What's up everybody, welcome BACK to my blog! Hi, how are ya?

Intros aside, today, we're going to be delving into something rather special and, when I say special, I mean utterly momentous: this collaboration BROKE the internet. However, luckily for me, it broke just after I managed to get my hands on my desired products from the collection on Beauty Bay and, despite the entire site crashing a total of four billion times, check out successfully. I received my package on the 5th of November and, ever since then, I've been dipping into and playing with the products as often as possible in preparation for this detailed and HONEST review (I can't stress that enough; as much as I've been watching both Shane and Jeffree for years, I made a conscious effort to keep any possible biased opinions at bay) so, without further ado, let's launch into the sold out Shane x Jeffree Conspiracy Collection together!

As you can see, I've opted to begin with the big daddy of the collection: the Conspiracy Palette. Normally, I don't have an awful lot to say packaging wise when it comes to palettes as, to be honest, they're all pretty similar (weight, size and material wise) but, on this occasion, it's fair to say that what we're dealing with here is another kettle of fish entirely

When handling the palette, the first things you notice are the shape and the weight which, combined, give you the impression you're holding a luxurious treasure chest of some sort: it's absolutely incredible. Then, to top it all off, the addition of the metal clasps not only complete the image but, of course, also protect the palette from swinging open and becoming susceptible to damage when travelling - win win

The actual design that Shane and Andrew came up with for the palette is simple yet bold and effective; the contrast between the large white lettering and the matte black background (with glossy spiral detailing) works really well and immediately grabs my attention when I open my palette draw, hence why I tend to reach for it more often than not. 

Now, let's move onto what you're all probably here to find about: what's this b*tch really like when you bust her open and how well does she perform. Well, let's have a little peek shall we...

BAM. Here she is, in all her glory (shoutout to the spectacular detailing on the pan stamps). 

With regards to the insane colour spectrum we have here, although it's very varied, each shade has definitely been well thought out and deserves its place within the palette (although 'unnamed green shade' will be dearly missed). The balance of mattes to shimmers/foils sits at a 5:4 ratio (10 mattes and 8 shimmers/foils) which is pretty good by my standards and, much to my delight, there really is something for everyone here. If you're fan of neutrals, you're sorted. If you favour warm tones, you're covered. If you err on the side of cool tones, don't worry, you're also catered for. As you've most likely heard before, makeup is a one size fits all and this product is a perfect illustration of that proverb: nobody is left out. 

As usual, I've finger-swatched all 18 shades on my arm without eyeshadow primer, in order to give you guys a more realistic representation of the level of pigmentation, and provided a description of each and every shade (these shade descriptions are my own opinions hashed with those on the Morphe website, for increased accuracy). 

ROW 1:
  • Ranch: a metallic white silver shimmer
  • My Pills: a soft dusty light pink matte
  • Tanacon: laguna tan brown matte
  • Diet Root Beer: rich warm brown matte
  • Just a Theory: a metallic rose gold shimmer
  • Spiraling: a dark brown shimmer with a grey edge

ROW 2:
  • Conspiracy: a pure gold shimmer with a light green edge
  • Pig-ment: a vibrant blush pink matte
  • Food Videos: a bright yellow green matte
  • Trisha: a hot pink shimmer
  • Cheese Dust: a monarch orange matte
  • Flaming Hot: a fiery red matte

ROW 3:
  • What’s The Tea?: a light pastel blue matte
  • Diet Cola: a lavender silver shimmer
  • Not a Fact: a deep berry matte
  • Sleep Paralysis: a rich grey shimmer with a purple shift
  • Illuminatea: jewel tone green with black undertones
  • My Ride’s Here: a charcoal black matte

Wow... even I'm not sure where to start. I think it is worth noting that the pigmentation has been nailed across the 18 shades: whether swiping with a finger or a brush, the payoff is second to none. For a majority of the shades, this sheer power remains when the shade is applied to the eye, meaning it's possible to create some incredibly fierce looks with this baby. A little goes a long way (no need to dig into any of the pans - that's where all of the fallout most people are seeing is coming from), however, with 'Food Videos', because of the nature of this particular yellow hue, if you would like it to appear on the eye as it looks in the pan, you may have to go in a few times to up the intensity. 

The formula itself has helped give these shadows the soft and buttery texture we all crave - with the exception of 'Food Videos', 'Trisha', 'Flaming Hot' and 'Not a Fact' (I find them to be slightly drier than the rest but not in a way that makes them difficult to work with), these literally feel like pure silk to the touch, making them a pleasure to blend out. And, better yet, once they're on and blended to filth, your eye look won't budge for the remainder of the day; they really are top notch when it comes to longevity and lasting power on the eye.

Overall, I couldn't be more happy with this purchase as, for the price you're paying (this ran me €54, which is quite a low price compared to other high end palettes within my collection), you're getting quality, versatility, volume (the pans are humongous, guys) and style - this is something I'm immensely proud to display on my dressing table for everyone to see. I can't wait to create more and more looks using this palette as the months go by so, if you'd like me to share some of them in a future post or on social media, don't hesitate to let me know!

Moving swiftly on (sorry, I know this post is getting rather lengthy), I also managed to snag my two Velour Liquid Lipsticks of choice from the release: 'Are You Filming?' and 'I Gotta Go'.

Over the years, I've heard some wonderful comments regarding Jeffree's liquid lipstick formula but, being 18, I hadn't managed to pluck up the courage to dish out that coin prior to the day I purchased these as, in the student world, €16.95 per lipstick is quite a lot. However, I can safely say, now that I own two of them, the price is NOTHING when you weigh up the pros and cons of what you're getting for your money.

'Are You Filming?' is a gorgeous bright red shade (inspired by Andrew's lovely locks, of course) that, for me, has invited a little bit of danger into my lipstick collection - I never normally go for reds this bold and this daring as I can never be sure of how flattering they'll be against my skin tone. In spite of this, I still decided that it would be worth giving it a whirl and, sitting here writing this post with the lipstick on, I'm exceedingly happy with my choice. This shade adds an element of class and drama to any makeup look and works beautifully with a rich, smokey eye or a minimal eye with heavy lashes/a black winged liner. Sometimes, if I'm in the mood to tone it down slightly, I either apply it in conjunction with a brown lipliner (this creates a more natural transition between my skin tone and the shade) or pop it onto the centre of my lips when sporting a darker red/burgundy shade in order to create a stunning ombré effect. There are several ways to wear 'Are You Filming?' depending on the occasion and the desired look - in future, I won't be letting shades like this intimidate me.

Now, I also had a few worries about 'I Gotta Go', simply because, as I've mentioned previously on this blog, metallics can sometimes give off serious ET vibes. However, I couldn't help but venture out of my comfort zone when I saw this shade on the model (her skin tone appears to be very similar to mine in the photos) - it looked incredible. And, in person, I can confirm that it does NOT disappoint. 'I Gotta Go' is a delicate bronze metal that, at the same time as providing incredible shine and sparkle, is elegant enough to avoid dominating and/or clashing with the remainder of your makeup look. Although this may not be a hue you tend gravitate towards on a daily basis (that being said, I have worn it a few times to Uni - I bet the lecturer was living for it), it's a very complementary and wearable on a variety of different skin tones; I'd definitely recommend it if you're looking to begin exploring the world of metallic lipsticks without ending up looking like Jojo Siwa's kitchen floor after North West's little 'visit'. 

Formula wise, they're both faultless. The hype around Jeffree's Velour Liquid Lipstick line is definitely well deserved: the intense pigmentation allows for an entire coat with only one dip (no need to double dip here), the texture is smooth and creamy and the formula provides opacity with absolutely ZERO patchiness. These dry at a steady pace too and, once they are completely dry, they won't be going anywhere unless you decide to indulge in an oily takeaway or a game of tonsil tennis. It's also worth mentioning that, on the lips, these provide a moisturising finish and an almost 'weightless' feel, allowing for several hours of comfortable wear. Therefore, if you're not prepared to wait for the 88th restock of Shane's collection before being able to get your hands on these two shades, investing in any of the other Velour Liquid Lipstick shades would definitely be money well spent - I'll definitely be purchasing several more as soon as I can afford it.

Finally, last but not least, we have the ICONIC 'Shane Glossin'': a 100% translucent gloss delivering high shine and a 3D effect on the lips. As we all know, there are probably thousands of clear lip glosses on the market; I'm not going to pretend what they've done here is anything remarkable or groundbreaking because, quite frankly, it isn't. However, this is a perfect example of something simple having been executed perfectly - the component is beautiful, the name is sick (kudos to Shane) and the formula is definitely up there with the best. I've been reaching for this SO much recently as, firstly, it smells delicious (it's supposed to smell like root beer but, for me, having never smelt root beer before, I can only liken it to a mixture of bubblegum and Monster Energy) and, secondly, it's very comfortable to wear and doesn't seal my top and bottom lips together like super glue. This retails for the same amount as the liquid lipsticks and, for the sheer amount of product within the tube, I'm not complaining. 

In conclusion, this collection is definitely everything we were promised and more. Documenting the process of creating each and every product and revealing little nuggets of information about them across the series until the jigsaw puzzle was complete was a genius idea - it brought the beauty community together in harmony (for once) and provided a level of insight and buzz that, on launch day, proved to be record breaking. However, in doing so, Shane and Jeffree also made themselves vulnerable by giving themselves a lot to live up to; this was a brave thing to do because, let's be honest, if everything wasn't up to scratch and as we saw it in the videos, EVERY drama channel would be on that like flies on sh*t and the Twitter hashtags would be brutal. Thankfully, they've managed to release a good quality, fairly priced and unique set of products catering for a broad spectrum of customers at the same time as encapsulating elements on their own personalities within the collection - as a consumer, that's all I could ever ask for. Therefore, if you're liking the look and sound of this collection and the products I've reviewed for you today, don't hesitate to pick up whatever's tickling your fancy at the next restock. If you're still struggling to get your hands on anything due to high demand, feel free to check out Jeffree Star Cosmetics as a whole instead for a number of beautiful vegan and cruelty free options: you can purchase his products from his website, Beauty Bay, Beautylish, Morphe, Princess Polly and many more official retailers.

Thank you so much for reading today's review on what was pretty much the biggest makeup launch in HISTORY. I'm also very sorry I haven't written posts of this nature in a few months now - My grandmother recently lost her battle with Mesothelioma (lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) and, throughout that process, I wanted to put all of my time and effort into making her feel as loved and special as possible towards the end of her life, hence the frequent guest posts instead of my regular content. However, I'm gradually trying to ease my way back into the flow of things and get creative again, as she would have wanted; I knew I had to come back with a BANG and a detailed rundown of the Conspiracy Collection was the first worthy idea that sprung to mind. 

Did you watch 'The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star'? If so, what are your thoughts and feelings on the final collection and the series itself?

Let me know in the comments section below, along with any other questions, opinions or criticisms you may have; I'm always open to hearing your thoughts! As I'm currently making a comeback, don't forget to follow this blog on your way out for more juicy content (trust me, I've got some beauties lined up) and, if you enjoyed reading, feel free to share this post on social media for others to benefit from too!

Until next time,
Marina Rosie x


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