4 Reasons Lockdown Should Be Better For Your Skin But Isn't

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The majority of our country has been dreading a return to lockdown like most people hate the idea of going into work on a Monday morning. If only the Monday blues were the least of the nation's worries right now! However, you're different. Okay, you're not happy about the restriction of freedoms and the inability to socialise with people, yet you're looking forward to clearer skin.

Yep, if you know anything, it's that the lockdown conditions pretty much everyone else hates are perfect for the body's biggest organ. It's the perfect storm, at least, it appears that way on the face of things. Deeper down, you'll realise that while self-isolation should be better for your fair skin, it's actually worse.

Now there's a turn up for the books! Look, it probably doesn't surprise you to learn you'll have a war on your hands these next thirty days. Still, it might interest you to know why you shouldn't expect miraculous results despite your "healthier" lifestyle.

With that in mind, these are the four reasons you assume your skin will benefit from lockdown, but why they are pretty bad for you.

No Makeup
Do you hear that? It's the sound of judgmental people returning to their homes, never to be heard of again (well, until the start of December, anyway). Ladies, if there's one thing women hate, it's the constant judgment from other people, forcing females always to try to look their best. It's almost as bad as the critics who claim, "she tries too hard," when they can't find faults.

Finally, without the fear of judgement hanging over our shoulders, women can go all-natural and only worry about the people who matter - partners and housemates. Therefore, less makeup equals better skin. Right? After all, there are no stodgy ingredients and chemicals to clog pores and encourage excess oil production.

Although this is true, it's usually outweighed by the fact that a lockdown sends routines crazy. It's common for gals to do the things that combat wearing makeup first, such as moisturising, as part of the process. So, if you take away the main reason to lather-up, i.e., looking sensational, you could stop taking care of your skin entirely.

Lots of women are experiencing a phenomenon known as "lockdown face" as a result. You can deal with it, but you have to stay motivated to maintain your skin, regardless of the circumstances.

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Wearing A Mask

When you do go out, you have to wear a mask in enclosed spaces. Secretly, women love the idea as it's an extra protective layer for the face. If people can't cough, sneeze, or spit in your mouth, they can't pass on their dead skin cells either. Brilliant! Unfortunately, the mask gives and it taketh away.

It is a protective layer that stops the transmission of lots of airborne agents, including skin particles, pollen, and everything else that clogs pores and leads to the formation of bacteria. However, it's also a perfect place for germs to breed and spread as it offers ideal conditions. It's hot and sticky - check. It's enclosed with little airflow - check. It rubs against your face leading to abrasions - check.

Even worse, it's the law, so you can't decide you won't wear them in shops for the sake of your skin. If you have to put a mask on for a prolonged period, you can attempt to complete the task (shopping) quicker than usual. Alternatively, Dr. Luca Russo, dermatologist at Urban Retreat, recommends double cleansing on the areas of your face exposed to the covering.

It's better than breaking out in spots!

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No Stress
Sitting at home while getting paid to do nothing isn't stressful. It's boring, but your anxiety levels aren't through the roof. Everything looks calm on the surface, yet pop the bonnet and you might find a hot mess of emotions and hormones desperate to boil over. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but the lockdown is stressing you out.

It's not hard to see why when you think about it. Apart from the worry of keeping your job, paying the bills, and wondering when this apocalyptic nightmare will end, you have to deal with life inside. If spots are flaring up and acne is a real problem, you know that you're anxious and require a solution.

Thankfully, there is an acne treatment solution online or in most supermarkets to ease the redness and inflammation. Of course, you can go old-school and steam your face while applying antiseptic, yet it seems outdated! If you are desperate to eliminate spots, you must find ways to relieve the tension.

Everybody understands the benefits of exercising. Still, even working out is monotonous when you do the same things, which is why you should combine high and low-intensity activities. Also, stop watching the news as the negative press only soaks into your brain, affecting your attitude.

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No Sun

Just because the summer is over doesn't mean the sun isn't strong. It's powerful, which is why staying inside more is healthy for your skin. It makes sense, especially in the UK, where lots of men and women fail to wear SPF when the temperature isn't high. But it's a gift and a curse.

Firstly, being inside means you won't get as much vitamin D, the nutrient responsible for ensuring your skin is moist and glowing. Secondly, when you do go outdoors, you fail to recognise the sensitivity of your skin. Areas such as your arms that previously absorbed UV rays like champions will dry out. In some cases, they'll burn.

These side-effects are worse than standard exposure to sunlight. As a result, it's essential to:

  1. Go outside when you can for as long as you can.

  2. Introduce more daylight into your home.

  3. Top-up vitamin D levels.

Avoid multivitamin tablets because the jury is still out on whether or not they are useful.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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