Three Makeup Mistakes That Must Stop Now!

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Makeup is great. It can completely alter how you look or work to enhance your best features but, on the flip side, when poorly done, using the wrong products or not removing it properly can really mess with your vibe. In addition to learning how to apply it properly, thanks to video tutorials, there are some common things we’ve all been guilty of getting wrong in the past.

Here are the top three makeup mistakes that must stop now.

Not using makeup designed for your skin 

Everybody’s skin is unique, from colour, to texture, type (oily, dry etc) and the sensitivity of your skin.

You might try a new eyeliner for example to find the next day you wake up with puffy lids- not a great look. It could be a simple fact that you’re not using one of the offerings from an array of different make-up for sensitive skin. Or your matte foundation is drying out your skin and creating pools of colour pigment around creases that you’re not likely to want to draw attention to. 

Do a skin analysis to find out which products are best for you to keep your skin happy and looking flawless.

You’re using old or expired makeup 

We all have that one lipstick that reminds us of a good time we had that one time back in the day when we could all go out to party. (Remember when!?) However, keeping old makeup is bad news. It actually expires after time and stops being safe for use. Somewhere on your makeup containers will be a little number (6,12 or 24) that’s how long you can keep it before it’s considered no longer safe for use. That dry clumpy mascara that was once your fave is probably alive filled with bacteria that could cause some serious issues. 

So do yourself a favour and do a makeup inventory. And throw out any products that have seen better days..out with the old means in with the new. Any excuse to go makeup shopping is absolutely fine! 

You’re not taking it off properly 

How many of us at the end of a very long and tiring day forget to take our makeup off and wake up the next day looking like a tribute artist for KISS? 

Not only do you ruin your pillow cases but it’s also really bad news for your skin. You should be putting as much effort into taking your makeup off as you do putting it on. A quick makeup wipe just ain’t gonna cut it- unless you want to deal with blocked pores and tired looking skin. 

Use an oil based remover to get rid of the bulk of your makeup, then follow up with a cleansing face wash and top that off with a good moisturiser or night cream to work it’s magic while you sleep. 

Proper makeup removal is an important part of your skincare routine and should always be considered when choosing your products. 

Source: Pexels

Your skin is a good indication of your overall health and wellbeing. Don’t let lazy makeup habits ruin your glow in 2021.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. 

Thank you so much for coming and checking out this post! I hope you guys are all healthy and happy despite the current circumstances and that these tips are able to help you avoid making mistakes with your makeup and skin!

Were you making any of these mistakes prior to reading this post? If so, would you take the above tips on board?
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