What To Consider When Choosing A New Country To Call Home

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If you're sure that you want to live in a different country from the one you're in now, but you're not sure where to go, then it can certainly be an overwhelming decision to try to make. Looking online will give you information about the most fun places to be, or the cheapest, or the ones that have the best employment rates, but these things alone (although potentially significant) are not enough. There is a lot more to think about besides these elements. Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a new country to call home. 

The Legal Rules 

Although it would be much easier if you could simply move from one place to another without any paperwork or red tape, this is not the case. There is always, no matter where you choose to go, some legal documents to complete and get signed off. If you're moving from another country into the UK, for example, you'll need to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK before you can do so. 

Checking out the legal requirements and the visa information before making your final choice is a good idea. This will help you determine whether you are comfortable with the documents you need to complete and the cost associated with them before you go too far into the process. 


Consider how you will get about your new country and go outside its boundaries, how you will afford to see friends and family back home, and how accessible your new country is logistically and financially for anybody who will want to come and see you after you move overseas.

If you're relocating to a low-cost travel destination, what happens if the low-cost airlines go out of business? How will you keep in touch with your family if you're going to the other side of the world? This is an issue that many people overlook until they have relocated and found they feel quite lonely. 


This is a big consideration that includes anything from the real safety of the country in terms of crime and political stability to how good medical facilities are in the event that you or a member of your family becomes ill.

Of course, life is full of danger and risks, and for some, that is part of the adventure of moving somewhere new. But it is wise to carefully evaluate your new country in terms of risk and verify that you and your family will be safe enough to ease any of your own fears. You want to be comfortable wherever you go and not be worried about exploring your new home as much as you want to. 

Financial Matters 

This is a huge issue that must include everything from the cost of living and real estate to the currency, the soundness of the nation's banking system, and what social institutions are in place to help you if you ever need state financial assistance. Don't forget to consider taxation, rules on withdrawing funds to and from the country, and the amount you can actually make if you plan on working in your new country.

Source: Pexels 

Moving to a new country is not something that anyone should ever do on a whim; it can be an incredible adventure, but it needs to be thoroughly planned first. 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

Thank you so much for reading today's post! As much as it is a collaborative one, it really does resonate with me as I did make the big move to France almost 7 years ago with my family and started again from the beginning. There was a lot to consider both before and during that process.

Are you planning a big move abroad? If so, has this post given you any new elements to think about?

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