London: It Should Be On Your Bucket List

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London is a world-famous city. But even though it attracts millions of visitors every year, there are still many more people out there who haven’t visited the place. If that’s you, then you’re missing out. London is probably the most magnificent city in the world to travel to. 

Check out the following reasons why London should be on your bucket list. 

The Rich And Famous Call It Home

Where does the highest concentration of super wealthy people call home? Beverly Hills? Hollywood? New York? Hong Kong? Nope. The vast majority of the world's wealthiest people live in London. They can’t get enough of all the benefits that the capital brings, including the festivals, restaurants and nightlife. 

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The Rich History

London is a city with an extraordinarily long and winding history. The first settlement on the site wasn’t even British - or not as the Brits would understand it. Before the Romans arrived, the local indigenous population had built a few mud huts along the Thames, presumably so that they could more easily gather fish. When the Romans arrived, they introduced more advanced technology and part of the modern road layout. Over time, the city layered new on top of old, making it into the eclectic place you see today. 

London is home to dozens of fascinating museums and historical attractions, including the London Dungeons, the National History Museum and former residence of Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace. 

The Incredible Places To Eat

London is one of the best places in the world to eat, not just because of the quality of the food, but also the location of restaurants. The canteen at the top of 30 St Mary’s Axe provides stunning views over the city. 

It’s also an excellent place to grab a meal made with local seasonal produce. A Canary Wharf restaurant for instance, takes inspiration from seasonal foods in their meals. 

The Peaceful Green Spaces

London is a city that can surprise you. One moment, you can be surrounded by people marching to work in the City, the next in a small green space nobody seems to know about. Because of the way that London has grown up, it’s peppered with little gems like this. London retains much of its old street structure, meaning that there are small alleys and parks all over the place that only those willing to explore will find. 

The Brits Themselves

London isn’t the friendliest of cities. But it does contain some of the most exciting people in the world if you can look past the prickly exterior of the place. Everyone in the city wants to get ahead and make their mark. It’s the type of place where you can bump into all kinds of famous people and business leaders. 

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The Excellent Shopping

If you love shopping, you’ll love London. The best place to go is Oxford Street, but you can also find boutique shopping around Covent Garden. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Fortnum and Mason near Piccadilly Circus and make sure that you take a wad of cash with you. 

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  1. I definitely want to visit London one day, along with Paris and Rome! Wouldn't mind bumping into some celebrities while I'm there either!

    Di from Max The Unicorn

    1. Haha, literally, there are so many celebs to come across in London Di! Paris is definitely worth a visit and, as for Rome, I've got not a clue - I'd love to go there too! x
      Lots of love,
      Marina Rosie x

  2. London is top on my bucket list and I hope it's a goal I fulfil in my lifetime. I can't imagine how wonderful it must be for those who live there. I bet every day is magical.

  3. Yes! I was here years ago and I want to go back. It's such a lovely place full of history.

  4. I have always wanted to visit London, of course from watching television, but also to try out their different food selection. I hear they have great choices to pick from, along with shopping. Great article.

  5. I've been to London only once and I love it. I plan to return for sure and now I have even more reasons to!

  6. I do love shopping. Shopping in London would be so much more fun to shop in.

  7. London is on my bucket list! I just love the accents :) also the shops! They have good style!

  8. This is the second blog post I have read today that mentions travelling to London. I will take that as a sign to work on making my dream of touring Europe (including London) a reality :)

  9. London is in our bucket list and yes its in top of our list. We are planning to visit next year hopefully.

  10. I go to London very often and it is one of my favorite places to discover great foods. The East End is a wonderful place to find dishes from all over the world cooked to perfection.

  11. Looks like an amazing trip I hope to take one day. Sounds like a wonderful place to see.

  12. Wonderful..Glad you shared this amazing list. I am a travel bug and looking forward to experiencing London later this year this list will help me out.

  13. Oh what a wonderful list. I definitely have the travel bug and London is totally on my list.

  14. My niece has recently moved to London from LA, and she is so happy there. I need to visit more often. My few days there were certainly not enough to take advantage of all the city has to offer.

  15. I am definitely one of those people who haven't visited London yet. My older sister just went this year and loved it!

  16. It is on my bucket list. I want to visit all of Western Europe. These photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I've always wanted to visit London during the holidays because it looks especially beautiful at that time of year. I'd love to explore the shops and check out some of the great new restaurants.

  18. London is indeed part of my bucket list of places to visit one day. I've heard a lot of great things to do and places to visit in London.

  19. I have a friend who I met traveling who lives in London. Would love to go there and visit her.


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