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We all know that eating and drinking is always a big part of any holiday. Trying the local cuisine is often the highlight of a trip, so why not make the food and drinks the focus of the holiday? Food and drink holidays are becoming very popular, and there are lots of options to suit whatever your food passion is.

Mendoza, Argentina
Mendoza is a great location for good food and good wine. Mendoza is home to several wineries, which serve multi-course lunches with a wine tasting, so you can try the region’s wines and cuisine. Argentina is also famous for its steak, so make sure you visit a local steakhouse while you’re there. 

Napa Valley, United States
Napa Valley is known as wine country. Book a wine tour and visit several of the region’s vineyards. Learn about wines, try food pairings, and take tours of the beautiful countryside. Napa can be a very relaxing, but unforgettable holiday. Napa valley private wine tours are the best way to experience the area. 

Manila, Philippines
Do you love street food? Manila is fast becoming a street food mecca, with a huge array of different cuisines to try. Visit the many street food markets to try traditional noodle soups, spring rolls, or sticky desserts. The Philippines take street food seriously, so you’re sure to try some amazing food. 

Paris, France
The French are often regarded as creating some of the best food in the world. Make sure to try a variety of foods. Visit a bakery to buy french bread and famous pastries. Try a market for street food offerings like crepes, or book a restaurant to brave french classics like snails. Book a food tour to really experience the local cuisine. 

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Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen is on every foodie’s holiday bucket list. Visit Noma, which is often found at the top of the World’s Best Restaurants lists. Noma, owned by world famous chef Rene Redzepi, is known for its ultra modern menu that changes with the seasons. You’ll also find top street food trucks and restaurants run by Noma alumni. 

Tuscany, Italy
Take cooking lessons in Tuscany to learn about italian cuisine. Learn to make fresh pasta and classic sauces. Enjoy italian wines alongside delicious antipasto. Tuscany is a great way to explore italian food and learn to replicate your favourite dishes at home. 

San Sebastian, Spain
San Sebastian is a must visit for food lovers. Forget restaurants, and instead visit the local bars, all of which specialise in different small dishes called pintxos. Take a tour around the pintxos bars to try these gourmet light bites, or go all out and book into one of the city’s many Michelin starred restaurants. 

New York City, United States
NYC is famous for food for a good reason. As well as being home to world class restaurants and amazing street food, New York has launched some of the most famous food trends, like the cronut or the ramen burger. Eat classic New York pizza by the slice, visit a New York steakhouse and enjoy food from a wide variety of cultures. 

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