3 Perfect 2021 Holiday Escapes

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Due to the circumstances in which we currently find ourselves, for some, even envisaging a holiday this year may seem a little farfetched. However, today, I'm here to show you that, by taking the correct precautions (that means mask-wearing, social distancing and following the Government's guidelines regarding restrictions), an AMAZING getaway is still well within everybody's reach. Here are my 3 perfect 2021 holiday escapes!

Known for its incredibly rich culture and booming arts scene, Manchester offers a comfortably diverse and wonderful stay for visitors; there's something for everyone. 

If you enjoy admiring the elegance of aged architecture, Manchester Cathedral couldn't be more ideal, boasting a stunning interior and exterior design dating back to as early as 1486. 

Alternatively, the celebrated Castlefield is a brilliant exploration option and definitely one of the first ones that springs to mind when I think of Manchester. Due to the vast array of things to see and do there, you can really make a day of it. Without a shadow of a doubt, my favourites are the Castlefield Art Gallery, Bridgewater Hall and the Castlefield Bowl (if you're either a pop or a classical enthusiast, you'll have the best time at the Bowl).

Other attractions making Manchester more than worthwhile include the breathtaking Fletcher Moss botanical gardens, the People's History Museum and, a personal choice, Manchester's Chinatown, which happens to be Europe's largest (imagine just how many Chinese delicacies you could get your hands on).

No matter what your interests are, I can assure you, a holiday in Manchester will never disappoint. 

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Liverpool is, and always has been, teeming with life and littered with attractions that simply must be visited.

For those in search of culture, you're absolutely more than spoken for with Liverpool's SEVEN major National museums, such as the World Museum, the International Slavery Museum and the Merseyside Maritime Museum (that one's a mouthful). However, if museums aren't your cup of tea, there are so many other things to enjoy whilst on your trip to Liverpool, including vast shopping centres (shop 'til you drop, girls), art galleries and a multitude of musical experiences.

Personally, my love for the city is primarily down to the amount of open green spaces and gorgeous park areas that can be found which, from experience, is really rare for a city. Fun fact: it actually has more parks than Paris!

There are so many hidden gems to discover in Liverpool, which is why it always makes for the best vacation. 

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Let's face it, being the capital of England, staying in London is pretty much on everybody's bucket list, with approximately 27 million people visiting the coveted location every year. But what exactly is there to see and do in London?

The London Eye is a timeless attraction and, most importantly, an unforgettable experience best shared with a friend or loved one. The same applies to the likes of a cruise along the river Thames, which is essential for sight-seeing. 

However, in my opinion, London is all about both the shopping and the gastronomical culture. Whenever I'm visiting, I can't help but stop by the bright lights of Piccadilly Circus, followed by a somewhat pricey spree on Oxford Street (I can never help myself) and, to finish, a generous meal at a Soho eatery. 

No matter what you're there for, you're always guaranteed to have a sensational time.

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Thanks so much for reading today's post on my 3 perfect 2021 holiday escapes! It feels like a while since I've actually addressed you all directly - I hope everyone's feeling okay despite living in such trying times. If ever you need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via email or through the social media profiles listed on my about page.

Did you think a holiday this year would prove to be impossible? If so, has your opinion now changed after seeing what these destinations have to offer?

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