Good Reasons To Start Pickling Foods at Home

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People tend to underestimate the power of pickles. They’re a fantastic way to add a bit of freshness and spice to your foods, and they’re incredibly simple to make. You can garnish almost anything with pickles, and they can even be added to your favourite burgers and salads. There are so many different kinds of pickles too, each with different processes, flavours, and even colours.

So in this post, I'm going to share some of the best reasons why you should start pickling foods at home!

Pickles last a really long time

Since pickling is a method of preservation, you can actually keep pickles around for a very long time as long as they’re stored in a dark and cool place such as a cupboard. You can easily pickle several jars of vegetables now and then enjoy them all throughout the year. This is also a fantastic way to enjoy your favourite vegetables even if they’re not in season. So the next time you think about pickling, remember that you can keep them for an extremely long time!

Pickles come in many different varieties

We all know about pickled cucumbers and how popular they are in burgers, but did you know you can also preserve things like onions, ginger, and even eggs? You can learn how to preserve lemons to add a bit of tang and flavour to your favourite dishes, or you can try a classic Japanese pickled ginger recipe to go with some homemade sushi. There are so many different varieties of pickle and you can always come up with something unique as well! Once you start learning how to pickle, you’ll discover the endless possibilities that it offers.

Pickles are very nutritious

Most people turn to fermented foods if they want the most nutrients from preserving vegetables. However, that’s not to say that pickling isn’t an alternative! Some people much prefer the taste of pickling their favourite vegetables and they still possess lots of the same nutrients and antioxidants that you’ll find when eating them raw or steamed. In fact, the vinegar that is commonly used in pickling can actually improve your digestion. Just be wary of the salt content of pickles because it can get rather high depending on how you like your pickles to taste.

Pickles can spice up your food

Pickles come in many different varieties and it’s a great way to add a unique flavour to your food. Your food doesn't have to be boring and samey all the time–you can spice it up with a couple of different pickles that can pair perfectly with your favourite dishes. Whether it’s adding some sweetness to your tacos or a sour tang to fatty meats, there are many different combinations for you to experiment with.

Source: Unsplash

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