How To See The World On A Budget

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There is a misconception that to travel around the world; you need to have a ton of money. Everything is expensive, and it will cost you a fortune. However, this is untrue; there are ways which you can see the world on a budget or even earn money, so what's stopping you?

Take Advantage Of Low-Cost Flights
When looking for flights online, be proactive look at budget airlines which will just get you from A to B. Check to see a listing of budget airlines traveling to your destination, or go directly to airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair

Join A House-sitting Network
Instead of planning an expensive holiday, you could choose instead to get free accommodation by becoming a house sitter. You can join a network of house sitters who work all over the world and go and stay in some amazing houses, (usually looking after pets) for free. This will allow you to experience places as a local rather than as a tourist. You'll just have to pay for your flights, but you could go anywhere in the world. 

Book a Cruise On a Thursday
Cruise prices go up and down throughout the year, and even from day-to-day, depending on the number of recent bookings and the availability left, so it can be really hard to know when you'll get the best deal. According to Cruise Critic, prices tend to drop during the week, so when you’re looking at Cruising holidays, booking on a Thursday is likely to get you the best deal.

Travel To Cheap Destinations
Some places in the world will never be cheap, think London, New York, and Paris! But that doesn't mean that everywhere it like that. Countries with a weaker currency than your own such as Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and India are go-to regions for backpackers and budget travelers.

Cook your own food
It's obvious that eating in restaurants every day adds up, so be smart and cook your own meals while you're away. 

Work And Travel
If you are a freelancer, a teacher, graphic designer, computer programmer, translator, or photographer, you might find that you can continue working while traveling long term. Or if this isn't an option for you, then you could get a casual job whilst traveling, such as bar work, teaching English, fruit-picking, making coffee, waiting tables or promotional and sales work. 

Choose Budget-Friendly Travel Style
Choose low-cost accommodation, eat local food and travel for longer, but move fairly quickly through several locations. If you also choose to travel during the off-season, you'll save even more money.

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Did you know that travel agents are one of the few people who will still barter with you? Get practicing for when you're traveling and start now. Travel agents have to try and compete with online deals, so it's totally worth going in and speaking to someone and asking for a deal. The first price you're usually offered will probably be whatever their system generates automatically, so if you try haggling them down, and you could save a lot of money. Even get a good deal online and ask them to match or beat it.

Use Comparison Sites
If you are looking online, don't just look on one website for checking what the best price is and to see if there are any deals, use a comparison site like TravelSupermarket or GoCompare to ensure you definitely get the best price. 

Clear Your Cookies Online
When you've been looking online for hotels and flights for a while, it's worth clearing your browser cookies before you book. Your cookies will be saving bits of data about what you've been looking at so clearing them will make sure that the websites you might want to book on don't hike up prices simply because they can see you've been there before and are clearly ready to book. 

Book Last Minute
If you're happy to be spontaneous and you're not too bothered where you go, then last-minute deals can be great. If you do know exactly what you want though, you run a risk of not getting it, so last minute deals are far better if you're flexible.

Sign Up To Flight Deal Emails
When you know your going to book flights, you have the money ready and you're just waiting for the right deal, sign up to Jack's Flight Club and Scott's Cheap Flights which both scour the web daily for accidental fares (where an airline's computer has mistakenly underpriced a flight route) and exceptional deals. They send out email alerts whenever one is found, and with Jack's Flight Club you'll get the added bonus of a monthly weekend trips email, which highlights great deals to be had over certain weekends. Both have premium versions which include extra alerts for those who are serious about getting a bargain.

Book Secret Hotels
Travel booking sites like and Late Rooms offer access to 'secret' properties, which are usually top-rate, four or five-star hotels available for three-star prices.
The only catch is that you won't know where you're staying until you book – though you will be given an indication of star-rating and location. However, if you do want to be a bit cheeky and ruin the surprise, just copy and paste the hotel description and put it into Google, and you'll find out exactly where you're going. 

Book Flights 56 days In Advance
Flight prices fluctuate far less than hotel and cruise prices, but according to Momondo, there is still an optimum time to book: 56 days before departure. They also suggest that Tuesday evenings are the best times to fly for a bargain. Many people also believe that if you choose to book a flight in the early hours of the morning, then you will get a cheaper deal. If you know where you're going then use Skyscanner's best time to book tool for your chosen destination to ensure you get the best deal.

With so many options, there are loads of different ways to see the world. You don’t need to do it all at once, but travelling little and often for cheap will ensure you’ll see as many places as you want to!

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  1. These are some lovely tips. We do follow some of them. I lived in Cambodia for 6 years. You are right there are so many places that are cheap. My coming December trip is to New York. I am so excited. :-)

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