New Beauty Room Design Ideas

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When it comes to your beauty regime whether you're a vlogger or not you must have a lovely space to perfect your makeup, try new ideas and make sure you're comfortable while you do so. If you also film from your beauty room, then it's even more crucial that you have a bright, tidy, pretty place as a backdrop. It's lovely when you're watching makeup videos, and you see the vlogger has put a lot of effort into their surroundings. Not all of us have the budget of Jeffree Star though, and a guarantor loans calculator may be needed at some point, but when you're sat in your finished masterpiece creating the latest looks for your fans, you'll know you've made the right decision. 

The biggest tip for keeping a beauty room tidy and clean is storage, you can start with a small set of drawers but it's only delaying the inevitable, if you have a beauty room you are going to want to fill it with space for your lipsticks, eye shadows, eyeliners, primer, and many colour pallets! You're going to have samples and stockpiles already so a desk with acrylic dividers, brush holders and so on. Why not add a trolley on wheels to the collection so you can move parts of your collection around with you? Very professional! Don't forget to make sure you have plenty of lighting available, so you aren't left in the dark while you're trying to find your favourite lip gloss! Another consideration for your storage, as well as how well organised your products are the colour scheme you choose. A lot of people tend to go with white, as it keeps the light bright in the room especially for filming, but there's nothing to say you can't jazz it up a bit by adding some bright colours, some lovely delicate details or some personalised art to match your decor. 

Your comfort is paramount here since you will be sat applying your makeup for quite a few hours over time. Don't hold back with this one, you will really regret it when you are uncomfortable, and your videos and creative efforts will show it as well. You can match the colour to your storage and make sure it shows off your personality too! Again a common choice is white, but this is YOUR room, choose your preferred option and go with it. Leather would be the first choice though since it's easy to keep clean and wipe down if you get any 'fall out' on it. Think luxury, and style, and your own personal touch! Don't forget a 'non-working' chair to sit and sip your Latte in once you're done. Maybe consider something completely different purely for that perfect Insta shot!

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Wall Decor
Even though you might not be including all of your walls in your videos or photos, you will have to sit in the environment for a large amount of time. It's essential that you feel comfortable and happy with where you're sat. There are many ideas available, but pastel colours and different tones of grey are popular at the moment. You can mix the colours with wooden accents as well for extra warmth in the room too. Also, don't forget your wall hangings are an essential part of putting your mark on a room. You can really change the way it looks with some pretty prints, unique quotes and pictures of places and people you love. Planning this can be great fun and choosing which photos you would like to print won't feel like a task at all. When it's all done, you will feel great about the effort you've put in! 

The traditional large mirror with lights all around the edge isn't just beautiful to look at, it is also VERY useful if something isn't broke why fix it? But if you're looking for something different, there are plenty of options, why not try a mirror with integrated lights rather than ones that have bulbs outside? Or what about a fancy-shaped one that has a hint at a victorian style? Whatever you choose, it's a good idea to make sure you like it, cover it in fairy lights or keep it plain you're going to be potentially looking into it for a large amount of time while you're in your beauty room so you should enjoy it too! 

Finishing Touches
In a beauty room, you want to feel relaxed while you're working or playing with your latest designs and creations, you can add candles, cushions, pretty throws, rugs and curtains that suit the style of your new room, have fun shopping and working out which ornaments will be perfect for your space. Change things up a bit and add some bold statement pieces if you wish, and don't forget to keep what you love in mind when you're choosing. What are your favourite flowers? Include them! Add succulents or some ivy too if you like! Light fittings and lamps can really make a difference to a room also, whether you're looking for bright and cool or warm and calming just remember to consider the effect this will have on filming, you really don't want to have to edit everything because of a light bulb error! 

Mostly it's your room so your rules! You can really let your creativity soar, and rightly so, you've worked hard to have a space like this just for you, and it's only fair that you get the final say! Don't forget to take inspiration from other vloggers and Pinterest is a fantastic tool for making plans and finding ideas! Why not stand out from the crowd and do things a little differently? You can shake things up a bit and have plenty of quirky options in your space, and the best part about it all is that nobody can tell you what to do! You've got a blank canvas, use it well and let your personality shine! 

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Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Love these ideas! I'm currently living with my parents, but I can't wait to have my own beauty space one day.
    Great post!

    Khanak x

  2. So many great ideas! I'd love to have a beauty room, the whole idea seems totally dreamy. At the minute I'll continue buying more storage for my bedroom haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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