Still Time To Squeeze In A Short Budget Getaway

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The summer is coming to an end. The back to school aisle has already made an appearance in most of the supermarkets. You have probably spotted a few parents buying pens, notebooks, and uniforms for their children’s first year in school. On the other hand, high street fashion brands have started to display their back-to-school collection for university students, a modern mixture of jersey, cotton, and stretchy material that will keep you warm and trendy all winter. September marks a fresh new beginning. For many, it’s like a second New Year’s Eve; after the summer, they make the solemn promise to develop healthy habits, improve their ways and become the best they can be before Christmas. 

But, in the meantime, it’s still August, and the summer hasn’t disappeared yet. There’s still time to squeeze in a quick getaway trip before going back to work or school. Indeed, you can’t let the summer go without a last hurrah. It doesn’t have to break the bank or be tricky to plan. But it’s the last bubble of peace and relaxation before the hectic day-to-day deadlines of September. 

Why go abroad when there’s so much at home?
The most surprising thing about planning a quick getaway is that many Britons still head to their favourite search engines to explore the European flight options. When you’re only planning a couple of days away from home, the best thing to do is to forget about popular tourists’ locations such as Ibiza, Rom, or even the French Riviera. You will waste a considerable amount of time in transit – You need to arrive 2 hours ahead of your flight departure, and you will also have to queue at the passport control in your arrival airport. A staycation in the UK not only has a lot to offer, but it meets your first criterion, which is being quickly and easily accessible. At this time of the year, the tourists are heading back to their respective home, leaving you free to explore some of the preferred areas in Britain, such as London, for instance. If London isn’t on your bucket list, it should be solely for the diversity of entertainment, history, and facilities. But, if you’ve already dedicated a few days to London recently, you can aim for other amazing historical areas such as Bath, York, and Winchester, which would each make a brilliant destination for a short break. 
Public transport makes it cheaper
Should you drive or should you take the train? It’s a tricky question, and it has no right or wrong answer. If you’re travelling with a group of friends, driving is typically the cheapest and most practical options. Additionally, driving is also your best bet if you’ve decided to stay in a rural and remote location instead of planning a city break. 

On the other hand, if you prefer to stay at the heart of the city, driving can be problematic. Many historic towns such as London make it hard for drivers to navigate and park. Besides, city car park prices can put a dramatic drain to your budget! If you’re worried about transport accessibility and wondering how to save money on travel, you should spend some time comparing train ticket offers. Indeed, with a railcard, you can save up to 50% of an adult fare. Combined with off-peak travel, you could reach your holiday destination at a bargain price! 

Where to find the best last-minute accommodation?
Where are you going to stay? Countless holidaymakers don’t look any further than hotel prices. However, you can make your staycation a little more comfortable by expanding your horizons and looking at a variety of options. Short-term rentals such as Airbnb are a fantastic alternative. You might even find a hidden gem in the old and historic town that doesn’t break the bank. The advantage of a rental is that you don’t have to spend every night in a restaurant. You can also cook and save a lot of money through the process. Another excellent address for quirky places is the National Trust, as they rent out holiday cottages. National Trust runs last minute offers throughout the year to boost some of their less popular destinations. You can find anything, from a rural cottage in Wales to a decorated Edwardian flat in a renovated castle. And who doesn’t want to spend a night in a castle? 

Source: Pexels
Why a short trip can make a huge difference
Not having time for a long holiday before you have to get back to the harsh reality of school or work can be upsetting. However, you’d be pleased to know that short breaks are a better option. Indeed, according to psychologists, mini-breaks have more potential for happy memories. The most logical explanation is that if you plan an extended vacation, you tend to get accustomed to your holiday lifestyle, and therefore, you lose the excitement and joy of being away. Your short getaway before the end of the summer is the best thing you can do to take the stress off your mind and make the most of your time. The sweet spot is around 4 days. Anything more and you get used to the fancy room and the glorious location – and, unfortunately, begin to feel a little blasé about those. 

Connect to other staycation lovers
Bloggers, vloggers, and other aspiring digital presence have learned a long time ago that there’s nothing like a holiday to renew their follower base. Your getaway could become the perfect platform to reach out to like-minded individuals who love an educational staycation. Now’s the best time to create a social media buzz. There are also millions of Instagram photos, so if you’re going to show your appreciation of the British Isles, you need to be creative about your posts. A good picture is all you need. Even with your smartphone, you can create some powerful shots – you can head to Youtube for some tips and tricks from the best influencers! Select your hashtags carefully: #visitbritain and #britcrowd are some of the most popular about the UK. However, you can also add some local hashtags, such as #capturingcambridge, #visitoxford, and #thecotswolds. 

Try out something new for free
Does fun have to be expensive? You can find out some free activities that not only let you discover something new but are also an excellent way of killing time. If you’re heading to London for your staycation, you are in luck! There are plenty of free tasting events in the capital, from wine tasting to heritage tea and sensory ice cream. Admittedly, you’d be hard-pressed to find an entirely free menu, but what’s wrong with enjoying a lovely new flavour for free? If food tasting isn’t your thing, you can find exciting alternatives. Take a look at beta testing for escape rooms. Many escape room businesses are planning to open new rooms to welcome the back-to-school crowd. As such, they are offering free games to their beta testers. Other companies prefer app testing for their outdoors game. The bottom line is that if you keep your eyes open to all opportunities, you could enjoy the escape fever at a low cost! 

Indulge moderately!
If your holiday, and of course, you want to make the most of it. However, you should be careful when it comes to indulging yourself. Indeed, have a lovely time without spending your nights partying. Ultimately, you want your holiday to be relaxing; you don’t want to need another holiday to recover from your staycation! 

Are you ready for a quick getaway in the UK? The summer is not dead yet, and there’s still plenty of time to make new memories and fill your day with happy and exciting experiences before the back-to-school deadline. Pack your bag and make the most of the long weekend ahead to change your horizons!

Source: Pexels
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