Turkish Adventure: Historical Battles And Mediterranean Lifestyle

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Ever since the Ottoman Empire, it's been hotly debated whether Turkey is part of Europe or not. A second debate has also simmered in the background, discussing Turkey’s membership of the Mediterranean. Although it's quite clear that the first answer is a firm ‘no’, there’s an even firmer ‘yes’ to the second question. Of course, Turkey is part of the Mediterranean. The culture, food, ports, resorts and cities located close to Greece have always been hallmarks of the typical Mediterranean lifestyle. There are so many reasons to go on a Turkish adventure and one of them is the historic battles that shaped Europe. Despite not being part of the continent, Turkey has influenced Europe is so many ways. 

First stop, Izmir
Izmir is the quintessential Turkey city. Looking towards the West, it has many Greek influences such as the light beige exposed rock many of the buildings and homes are made from. However, it's also a classic beach resort, with plenty of action on the waterways to keep you entertained. Large lounge chairs are spread across the Cesme Beach. As you would expect from a true Mediterranean city, it has soft yellow and white sand. Many South American beaches only have white sand and many European beaches only have yellow sand. In the Med, you have both types and other Izmir beaches like Alacati and Foca prove this.

North to south
Since the majority of Turkey is indeed in Western Asia and the culture is more in line with the Middle East, you won’t see much of a Mediterranean vibe the further east you go. Thus, the only true Mediterranean cities can be experienced in the western part of Turkey. On Tours of Europe they have a 7-day tour that goes from Istanbul to the Med. it's a north to south adventure, starting off in the nation’s capital and ending in Marmaris. You’ll be staying in 4-5 star hotels along the way. You’ll also be served 6 different breakfasts, as well as 4 unique dinners. You’ll learn about the culture of the nation, specifically traditional carpet weaving and discovering Roman ruins. 

The Gallipoli experience 
The Gallipoli Peninsula has a wide history of various battles throughout the years. From the early years of the Ottoman Empire to World War One and slightly beyond, this part of Turkey has a lot of battlefield history. You can still explore various sights where battles took place, thanks to being kept in good condition. It also used to be a hotbed for trade and travel passage into Western Asia. Explorers and merchants alike would venture into the ports, hopeful to sell their spices from Asia and or travel further towards North Africa. Right now there are war memorials open to the public, where historical tours of the soldiers’ equipment and tactics are shown. 

Turkey has an interesting history, ranging back as far as the Eastern Roman Empire. However, only the Western part of the nation can be considered a part of the Mediterranean. Cities like Izmir leave no doubt, that the sun, beaches and light delicious food the locals enjoy, is a classic Mediterranean lifestyle. 

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