Why A Visit To London Is A Must

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If you are a city break addict, the chances are you relish the opportunity to venture to Paris, hot foot it to Venice or head to New York. However, for many people, the height of cosmopolitan city slicking is the dizzy metropolis that is London. The capital of Great Britain is a diverse, exciting and happy city that welcomes visitors with open arms. As a tourist, London is set up to make your visit special. The tube network is incredible and you can visit a whole host of tourist attractions within the city centre. Take a look at these London sights that you simply cannot miss.

Buckingham Palace
The main London residence of the queen is worthy of a visit. If the flag is up you know that the queen is there, which can make the visit all the more exciting. Buckingham Palace opens its state rooms up to the public every summer for a short time. You can witness the iconic changing of the guard ceremony and enjoy the incredible art and exhibitions such as the most recent Leonardo da Vinci drawings show. The Queen’s Gallery is luxurious, grand and houses some of the finest works from the grand masters. At £25 for an adult ticket, the visit won’t be cheap but it is one of the few chances to spend some time in one of the last remaining working palaces in the world.

South London
If you have never visited south London before, it’s time to venture south of the river. While most of the action is in the centre, you could head to East Dulwich or Balham to see a more relaxed pace of London life. There is less public transport here but you can take a taxi in South London to get around. East Dulwich has the central Lordship Lane where you can venture in and out of delis, partake in a spot of lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant and partake in a spot of cafe culture. Balham is home to a fantastic comedy club and is on the Northern Line making it accessible from the centre. 

A Show
Head to the West End and you could enjoy a show. Perhaps you fancy a musical like the latest version of Sister Act or The Book of Mormon. The London theatres are a hive of activity and are surrounded by some of the finest eateries. A night out or a matinee could be the ideal way to spend a few hours while sampling the culture of the big smoke. After your show, you could venture onto the Thames for a night time river cruise and maybe you could partake in a spot of dancing at a London club. Ronnie Scott's is a world renowned jazz cafe that many tourists flock to for the laid back and chilled out vibe.

London is a city of contrasts that is a wonderful place to spend a few days. Whether you’re here for a weekend or a week, you will never ever run out of things to do.

Source: Pexels
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