Underrated Destinations In Popular Hot Spots You Shouldn't Miss

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Bucket lists are full of places that are on the beaten track. Nobody is saying you have to wander into the Outback alone because it’s dangerous, but there’s no reason to stick with the tried and tested all the time. Part of the beauty of travelling is stumbling across towns and cities that you never expected to like yet you love. They will stay in your mind forever, making memories that never fade.

The problem is finding the destinations that aren’t too remote or too commercial. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the underrated places in popular hot spots you shouldn’t miss.

Perth, Australia
Book a flight to Australia and you’ll notice they go to Sydney and Melbourne. Even the airlines are trying to get you fly to visit the most visited places down under! But, to get there, you need to fly over Perth in Western Australia, and Perth holiday recommendations are unbeatable. As well as the modern CBD with the latest shops and restaurants, there’s Cervantes beach, Lancelin Sand Dunes, and Geraldton. So, whether you like to chill on the sand, hike up dunes, or explore quirky villages, Perth has everything. The jewel in the crown is The Pinnacles Desert, home to kangaroos and ancient rock formations.

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Edinburgh, Scotland
In the UK, one city reigns supreme: London. Head to the capital city and you’ll experience archaic traditions that never die in a 21st-century megalopolis, and they’re hard to replicate. Still, the Big Smoke isn’t the only capital in the United Kingdom that’s full of history. Edinburgh has the Tattoo that hosts the Fringe Festival, as well as a castle that dominates the city’s skyline. Like London, it has an old-school vibe in a massive city, but there are fewer people and smaller crowds. Bliss!

Parati, Brazil
Brazil is an exotic country that fills peoples’ minds with thoughts of Carnival season and rugged coastlines hugging iconic beaches. Yes, Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly a fantastic, once-in-a-lifetime destination you shouldn’t miss. However, your entire holiday doesn’t have to focus on one city, not when Parati is a short drive away. In between Rio and Sao Paulo, Parati is a tiny town that’s blasted white. Walking around the maze-like streets is an experience that lots of tourists never get to absorb, and you shouldn’t be one of them. After all, Iguazu Falls, an awe-inspiring waterfall, isn’t far away either.

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Ljubljana, Slovenia
If you go to Slovenia, Ljubljana will be on your hit list, of that there is no doubt. Still, visiting the country isn’t on any peoples’ bucket lists, not when there are so many more places to visit in Europe. Yes, Paris and Barcelona have pulling power, but Slovenia has natural beauty. The scenery that you are rewarded with at the end of a long hike is unlike any other on the continent. Plus, the locals are incredibly friendly and couldn’t be more welcoming.

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